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Danielle Chandler

Meet Danielle Chandler, our fabulous, multi-talented featured artist.  Not only can she draw and paint; she makes beautiful pieces of jewellery and blends up her own special line of essential oils.  She truly pours herself out into all that she does, her work is touched by excellence and an exquisite attention to detail.  She is also fun, full of joy, love and has a huge heart for people.  We are honored that she has taken the time to share a bit about herself and her work here with us.    

Be sure to scroll all the way down to see all the pics of some of Danielle’s work.  Enjoy!

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun” ― Mary Lou Cook

Creativity was always a way of life for me. I am sure you could imagine how challenging it was to escape the allure of crafts growing up with an art teacher for a mom. There was always some kind of project she would have set up for me to do. Whether it was fabrics, paints, glitter, glue or clay, I was able to access a magical world of exploration. Perhaps this is why I fell in love with so many different forms of art.
My mom was a huge influence on me and a vital part of how I came to be a professional artist. She would teach art lessons at our house and of course, I got to go to them for free. At 14 years old, I took oil painting classes through an after school art program. Over the next 4 years, I attended summer painting courses, finding that although I was not the greatest painter, I really wanted to be, so I continued strengthening my skills. I can remember the impact those classes had on me. They inspired me and expanded not only how I perceived art but life as well.

Paintings by Danielle
In 11th grade I started a jewelry business and have been discovering different tools, techniques, beads and designs to broaden my craft ever since. One of the greatest honors has been creating one of kind, unique, wearable pieces of art. Seeing my customers excited about my creations has been a delightful experience. It has blessed me to hear that people have anticipated wearing my jewelry for different occasions and daily wear. I love that my accessories brings people joy and makes them feel their beauty is enhanced.

Jewellery Design by Danielle

Mixed Jewellery by Danielle
Since graduating University the invitation to explore new forms of art has been undeniable. From painting, sewing, beading, print making, photography and so on… I have been left with a continuous notion to further my attempts in art and expression. An amazing opportunity that opened up to me, was to teach art to all different age groups.
Within the last 3 years I broadened my awareness of inner healing leading me to engage in art therapy and essential oils. After seeing continuous benefits of essential oil this year I started an essential oil line with roll-ons and mist sprays. Essential oil diffuser jewelry has also incorporated into my jewelry collection.
In the last 3 years I have had a few opportunities to donate my work to charitable causes bringing awareness and funding to Female Trafficked Teenage Victims, as well as Women Recovering from Addictions. Recently, I had the privilege to work with an author designing art for their book and cover.

I Killed Peter Pan Danielles art work
Being able to find a form of healthy expression through the arts, has been monumental for me in my life. I continue to be impressed by everything that surrounds me. I have seen the profit that art and creativity can bring to humanity through healing and self-awareness. It is evident that everyone was born creative.
Inspiring people to draw out their inner creativity is why I am alive. This is my greatest joy. As I have continued to specialize in one of a kind art, it has allowed me to not only bless others but has provided opportunities for me to invest myself in all I create.

It has been an honor working with people to bring their visions to life by making custom designs. I am looking forward to what the rest of my life will allow me to explore and the different ways I will express myself.
To view my mixed media and jewelry follow the links below:

Mixed Media, Event page, Painting, Jewelry, Graphics, Photography, Prints: RawEleganceCreations

Jewelry Page:

For questions or more information feel free to private message me on Facebook through the provided links or email me at:
Danielle Chandler

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